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Stored procedures
Opens an existing archive.
For the archives in "CAB" or "RAR" format, the archive is created if it does not exist.
The archive can be:
  • in WinZip or PKZip format (.ZIP extension).
  • in WINDEV format (.WDZ extension).
  • in Cabinet file format (.CAB extension).
  • in RAR format (.RAR extension).
  • in 7z format (.7z extension).
  • in TAR format (.TAR extension).
  • in TGZ format (.TGZ extension).
  • in TAR.GZ format (.TAR.GZ extension).
  • an executable (.EXE) corresponding to a .WDZ file changed into a self-extracting archive.
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MyArchive is zipArchive
// Open an archive
ResOpenArchive = MyArchive.Open("C:\MyArchives\")
// Display an error message if the archive was not opened
IF ResOpenArchive <> 0 THEN
<Result> = <Archive>.Open(<Archive path> [, <Opening mode>])
<Result>: Integer
  • 0 if the archive was opened,
  • An error code (value greater than 0) otherwise. For more details on these error codes, see the Remarks.
<Archive>: zipArchive variable
Name of a variable of type zipArchive corresponding to the archive to use.
The archive is created if it does not exist (except for the "CAB" or "RAR" formats).
<Archive path>: Character string
Path and name of archive (up to 260 characters). The archive extension can be specified. If the archive extension is not specified, the default extension is .WDZ.
AndroidAndroid Widget If the extension is not specified, the extension will be ".ZIP".
Universal Windows 10 App The archive path is a full path or a path relative to the working directory of the application (returned by fDataDir).
<Opening mode>: Optional constant (or combination of constants)
Archive opening mode:
zipCreateIfNotFoundCreates the archive if it does not exist
(not available for .CAB and .RAR files)
zipHeader64Allows you to create an archive larger than 4 GB on which <zipArchive variable>.ChangePath can be used.
AndroidAndroid Widget iPhone/iPadIOS WidgetMac Catalyst This constant is not available.
TAR or TGZ (TAR.GZ) archive: This constant is not available.
zipReadOpening in read-only
zipWriteOpening in read/write
(not available for .CAB and .RAR files)

The default opening mode is: zipCreateIfNotFound + zipWrite.
Universal Windows 10 App This parameter is not available: the opening mode used corresponds to zipCreateIfNotFound + zipWrite.

Error codes

The following error codes are returned:
  • 1: The path passed as parameter does not exist.
  • 2: Access denied: the user has no sufficient rights.
  • 3: The archive is corrupted.
  • 6: The files of the sub-archives are not arranged in order (when opening a multi-part archive).
The message corresponding to the error code is returned by zipMsgError. Reminder:
  • LinuxiPhone/iPadIOS WidgetMac Catalyst Only ZIP, TAR and TGZ (TAR.GZ) archives are available.
  • AndroidAndroid Widget Only ZIP archives are available.

Special case of the .GZ extension

'.tar.gz' files generated by GitHub should not be confused with compressed '.gz' files.
Content compressed in gzip format can be decompressed with Uncompress.
Component: wd290zip.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 24
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