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Stored procedures
Service management functions
The following functions are used to manage services:
EndServiceEnds the execution of the current service.
ServiceContinueRestarts a paused service.
ServiceControlSends a control message to a service.
ServiceExistChecks whether a service is installed.
ServiceInfoReturns information regarding the configuration of a service.
ServiceInstallInstalls a Windows service or a Linux daemon according to the information given in the members of the Service variable.
ServiceListReturns the list of services found on the current computer or on the specified remote computer.
ServiceModifyModifies the configuration of a service according to the information given in the members of the Service variable.
ServicePausePauses a service.
ServiceRefreshAsks a service to re-read its configuration information.
ServiceRestartRestarts a service (already started).
ServiceStartStarts a service.
ServiceStatusReturns the current status of a service.
ServiceStopStops a service.
ServiceUninstallUninstalls a service.
ServiceWaitPauses the current service during the specified duration.
ServiceWaitStatusWaits for a service to be in a specific status.
ServiceWriteEventLogWrites an event into the log of Windows events.
Related Examples:
WD Service Training (WINDEV): WD Service
[ + ] This example presents the creation of a "service" application with WINDEV.

Summary of the example supplied with WINDEV:
A service is a resident program the can operate outside a Windows session (the application is started before the Windows "Login").
In most cases, this type of application has no interface (no window)
For example, a service can be a processing robot (automation of a batch process).
This example explains how a 'Service' program can be created in WINDEV.
The Service functions Unit examples (WINDEV): The Service functions
[ + ] Using the ServiceXXX functions to:
- list the services installed
- start a service
- stop a service
- pause and restart a service.
The service functions are available for the local computer and for a remote computer.
Note: To use the services of a remote computer, you must have the administrator rights on this computer.
Minimum version required
  • Version 11
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Last update: 01/23/2023

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