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Stored procedures
Default (Property)
In french: Défaut
The Default property is used to determine if a parameter has been passed to a procedure with a custom or default value.
WEBDEV - Browser code This property is available only if the new WLanguage framework is enabled. For more details, see Browser code (WLanguage): Framework 2.
// Call the procedure
// Declare the procedure
PROCÉDURE MyProc(p1, po2 = "Y", po3 = "Z")
// In this example:
MyParameters[1].Default // is set to False
p1.Default               // is set to False
MyParameters[2].Default // is set to True
po2.Default              // is set to True
MyParameters[3].Default // is set to True
po3.Default              // is set to True
<Result> = <Parameter used>.Default
<Result>: Boolean
  • True if the parameter was not specified during the call to the procedure (the default value was used),
  • False otherwise.
<Parameter used>: Parameter name
Name of the parameter used. This parameter is identified:
  • by using the MyParameters keyword and by specifying the subscript of the parameter used. For example: MyParameters[1] to handle the first parameter passed to the procedure.
  • by using the name of the parameter specified in the declaration of the procedure.
  • The Default property only takes into account the parameters passed to the current procedure. If multiple procedures are nested and pass the same parameter with or without the default value, the Default property only takes into account the value of the parameter in the procedure where the property is used.
  • The Default property can only be used in the process in which the element is declared.
Minimum version required
  • Version 12
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Last update: 07/03/2023

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