• Displaying an error message
zipMsgError (Example)
Displaying an error message
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The following codes displays an error message if a problem occurs when creating the archive. The name of the archive is entered in an edit control: EDT_ArchiveName. The directory path is selected with fSelectDir.
// Declare and initialize the variables
ArchiveName is string
ArchivePath is string
ResArchiveCreation is int
// Select the name of the archive. EDT_ArchiveName is edit control
ArchiveName = EDT_ArchiveName
// Select the path of the archive
ArchivePath = fSelectDir("", "", "Selecting the directory")
// Create the archive named "MyArchive"
ResArchiveCreation = zipCreate(ArchiveName, ArchivePath)
// Display an error message if the archive was not created
IF ResArchiveCreation <> 0 THEN
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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