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Stored procedures
Repairing the analysis
In some cases, an error message may appear when opening the analysis linked to a project. The error messages can be, for example:
  • The file being searched is unknown.
  • File not found in deffic.
The analysis can be repaired directly.
Remark: We advise you to perform a backup of the analysis before repairing it.
How to?

Repairing an analysis

To repair an analysis:
  1. On the "Analysis" tab, in the "Analysis" group, expand "Maintenance" and select "Repair analysis".
  2. Select the analysis to repair. You have the ability to repair:
    • The current analysis.
    • A specific analysis. To do so, select the ".wda" file corresponding to the analysis to repair.
  3. Select the repair mode:
    • Quick repair: the data files corresponding to the description of the analysis are reindexed, the analysis is synchronized with its graphic representation and it is upgraded.
    • Full repair: Quick repair while checking the consistency of the analysis. You have the ability to choose the actions to perform.
  4. Validate. The analysis is repaired.
Minimum version required
  • Version 14
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Last update: 10/27/2022

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