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  • Overview
  • Starting WDMap
  • Starting WDMap
  • Use conditions
  • Features of WDMap
  • The different operations that can be performed by WDMap are as follows:
  • Notes
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Stored procedures
WDMap is a tool used to view and handle a data file while developing an application. Cand utility is only available in 32 bits.
WDMap can be used to:
  • Quickly check the content of a record.
  • Run the test of an application with meaningful data.
The data file used can be:
  • in HFSQL format (Classic or Client/Server).
  • in Hyper File 5.5 format
  • accessed via an OLE DB provider, an ODBC driver or a native access.
You also have the ability to handle an alias of a HFSQL data file.
Important: The WDMap utility is available in 32-bit only.. If WINDEV, WEBDEV or WINDEV Mobile are installed in 64 bits, WDMap is always executed in 32 bits.. When accessing via an OLE DB provider, an ODBC driver or a Native Connector, one of the following methods must be used:
Remark : From version 19, HFSQL is the new name of HyperFileSQL.
Starting WDMap

Starting WDMap

WDMap can be started:
  • from a data file (double-click a ".FIC" file),
  • from the data model editor: on the "Analysis" tab, in the "File" group, click "Edit with WDMap",
  • from the ribbon: on the "Tools" tab, in the "Database" group, click "WDMap",
  • by running "WDMAP.EXE" directly.
Remark: If WDMap is started from the data model editor:
  • The physical file corresponding to the description of the selected data file will be created if necessary.
  • To take into account the modifications performed on the file description, we advise you to generate the analysis before viewing the file content.

Use conditions

WDMap cannot be redistributed. WDMap cannot be installed with the applications developed with WINDEV or WEBDEV.
To use WDMap , WINDEV, WEBDEV or WINDEV Mobile must be installed on the current workstation.
Features of WDMap

The different operations that can be performed by WDMap are as follows:

Remark: Depending on how WDMap was started, the operating mode of each operation may change.
  • WDMap can be used to view a single file at a time.
  • If the analysis is password protected (runtime password defined in the analysis description), this password is requested when the analysis is selected in WDMap.
  • If the data file is password protected (password defined by HPass, HCreation or HCreationIfNotFound, or during the automatic data modification), this password will be requested when the physical file is selected in WDMap.
  • You have the ability to view the data found in an HFSQL Client/Server data file: for example, if the analysis files are defined as being in Client/Server mode, with a connection, the option "Edit the data file with WDMAP" opens the data file of server according to the specified connection.
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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