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Stored procedures
Project management functions
These functions are used to easily handle the elements found in a WINDEV project:
ComponentExecuteExecutes a global procedure present in an external component. This external component is loaded with ComponentLoad.
ComponentListReturns the list of external components (".WDK" files) used by the current WINDEV or WINDEV Mobile application or by the current WEBDEV site.
ComponentLoadLoads an external component. This component can be:
  • an external component present in the current project.
  • an external component independent of the current project.
ComponentLoadAllRecursively loads in memory all the external components used in the project.
ComponentLocateSpecifies the access path to an external component of project.
EnumElementUsed to enumerate the project elements: windows, pages, reports, queries, ...
EnumSubElementUsed to enumerate the sub-elements of a project element.
  • at runtime: the list of libraries (".DLL" files) used by the current WINDEV or WINDEV Mobile application or by the current WEBDEV site. Only the libraries loaded in memory are listed.
  • in test mode: all the libraries installed on the current computer.
ProjectInfoReturns specific information about the project currently run.
WindowCountCalculates the number of windows currently opened in the current application.
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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Last update: 01/23/2023

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