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  • Overview
  • Translation method
  • Automatic translation of the interfaces
  • Checking out and checking in the information to translate
  • Languages that use a specific character set
  • Translating specific windows and pages
  • Managing the HFSQL errors
  • User groupware
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Stored procedures
When the different languages supported by the application have been defined in the project characteristics, the information displayed by the application must be translated into these different languages.
To translate the interface into several languages, some elements must be taken into account:
Remark: From version 19, HFSQL is the new name of HyperFileSQL.
Translation method
Several translation modes are available:
  • Automatic translation of the interfaces via a specific translation tool found on the development computer. This translation is performed in the editor of WINDEV, WEBDEV or WINDEV Mobile.
  • Checking out and checking in the information to translate with WDMSG.

Automatic translation of the interfaces

For each object, different multilingual areas are displayed in the description window. These multilingual areas allow you to enter information in the different languages supported by the project.
To translate this information from the different editors:
  1. Display the options of WINDEV, WEBDEV or WINDEV Mobile: On the "Home" tab, in the "Environment" group, expand "Options" and select "General options of WINDEV/WEBDEV/WINDEV Mobile".
  2. Go to the "Translation" tab. This tab is used to define:
    • the default translation tool (as well as the transmission mode for the text to translate and for the translated text).
    • the source and destination languages for the translation.
  3. If a translation tool is specified, a "Translate" button ( ) will be displayed in each element containing information to translate. This button is used to translate the selected text via the specified translation tool.
For more details, see:

Checking out and checking in the information to translate

WDMSG (independent tool) is used to check out all the messages from a project (captions of controls, ...) and to check them back in once they have been translated. For more details, see the help about WDMSG.
Contact PC SOFT Sales Department for more details about the conditions for using this product.
Languages that use a specific character set
If your application supports languages that use specific character sets (Greek, Russian, and so on), you must enter the translation of the multilingual messages by using these specific character sets.
WINDEV, WEBDEV and WINDEV Mobile allow you to automatically manage the use of specific character sets in the editor.
When the text cursor is located in the input area of a language that uses a specific character set, the corresponding input language (character set used by the keyboard) is automatically enabled.
Therefore, if a text is entered in the "Russian" area of the description window of a control, the Russian character set will be automatically used by the keyboard.
Reminder: To use specific character sets, the files corresponding to the desired character sets must be installed in the Windows region settings (control panel).
For example:
  • typing the caption of an edit control:
  • entering a multilingual message in the code editor:
Remark: If you do not want to automatically enable the input language (language used by the keyboard) corresponding to the current language:
  1. Go to the "Translation" tab in the options (on the "Home" tab, in the "Environment" group, expand "Options" and select "General options of WINDEV/WEBDEV/WINDEV Mobile").
  2. Uncheck "Enable automatic change of input regional settings".
Translating specific windows and pages
WEBDEV - Server code

Managing the HFSQL errors

By default, the windows and pages for managing HFSQL errors are supplied in English and in French. To translate them into another language, you must:
  1. Include the default error windows/pages in your project.
    • WEBDEV - Server code These pages are supplied (along with their WLanguage code) in \Programs\Data\Preset pages\HFSQL - Pages for automatic help.
  2. Customize the management of errors with HOnError. This customization consists in using the windows/pages for automatic help that were included in the project.
  3. Translate the different messages (see previous paragraph).
WEBDEV - Server code

User groupware

By default, the user groupware is provided in English and French.
To translate an application or a site that uses the user groupware, you must choose the "Custom user groupware" mode when the user groupware is included in your application. Reminder: To integrate the user groupware into your application, go to the "Project" tab, "Project" group and click "User groupware".
The different windows/pages of the user groupware will be included in your project.
Then, all you have to do is translate these windows/pages.
Remark: Uncheck "Automatic start" if necessary: this allows you to display a window or page for language selection before starting the login window/page.
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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