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Stored procedures
AbsReturns the absolute value:
  • of a numeric value,
  • of a numeric expression (integer or real).
  • of a duration.
ArcCosReturns the arc cosine of a numeric value (integer or real).
ArcSinReturns the arc sine of a numeric value (integer or real).
ArcTanReturns the arc tangent of a numeric value (integer or real).
ArcTan2Returns the arc tangent 2 of the values passed in parameter.
ConversionConverts a value from a unit to another one.
CosCalculates the cosine of an angle.
CoTanCalculates the cotangent of an angle.
DecimalPartReturns the decimal part of a number.
DecimalToSexagesimalReturns the sexagesimal angle (in base 60) corresponding to a decimal angle.
ExpCalculates the exponential of a numeric value (reverse of Napierian logarithm).
FactorialReturns the factorial of an integer number.
IntegerPartReturns the integer part of a number.
IsEvenIdentifies an even number.
IsOddIdentifies an odd number.
LnCalculates the Napierian logarithm (reverse of exponential) of a numeric value.
LogCalculates the decimal logarithm of a numeric value.
PowerRaise a number to a power.
RootReturns the root of a number.
RoundReturns the rounded value of a numeric value according to the specified number of decimal places.
  • the value rounded up to the nearest integer.
  • the duration rounded up to the nearest interval.
  • the date and time rounded up to the nearest interval.
  • the numeric value rounded down to the nearest integer.
  • the duration rounded down to the nearest interval.
  • the date and time rounded down to the nearest interval.
RoundToMultipleReturns a numeric value rounded to the nearest multiple of another numeric value.
SexagesimalToDecimalReturns the decimal angle corresponding to a sexagesimal angle.
SinReturns the sine of an angle.
TangentCalculates the tangent of an angle.
Other functions that can be used:
InitRandomInitializes the generator of random numbers.
MaxReturns the greatest value passed as parameter.
MeanCalculates the mean of several elements:
  • elements found in an array,
  • numeric values, ...
MinReturns the lowest value.
NumToStringConverts a numeric value (integer, real or currency) to a string according to a specified format.
RandomReturns a random number.
SumCalculates the sum of the array elements.
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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Last update: 03/28/2023

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