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Stored procedures
The FaxCompleteStatus structure is automatically filled during the call to FaxStatus.
Details of FaxCompleteStatus structure
Date and time for sending the fax.
FaxCompleteStatus.SenderDeptCharacter string
Department of sender.
True: Specifies whether the fax was canceled (including user cancelation)
True: Specifies whether a fax is sent via the connection specified in FaxStatus (<Connection Identifier>).
FaxCompleteStatus.StatusInteger constant
Fax status at device level:
FaxStatusCanceledThe fax transmission is canceled.
FaxStatusCallThe fax is dialing out.
FaxStatusLockedThe recipient number is locked.
FaxStatusDisconnectedDisconnection during the transmission.
FaxStatusSendThe fax is currently sent.
FaxStatusSentThe fax was sent.
FaxStatusErrorUnable to get the fax status.
FaxStatusFatalErrorFatal error.
FaxStatusBadNumberWrong fax number.
FaxStatusServerPendingThe device is available.
FaxStatusOfflineThe device is offline and unavailable.
FaxStatusInactiveThe fax sending is disabled (pause between two calls for example)
FaxStatusUnavailableThe fax is busy (used by another application)
FaxStatusInitThe transmission is currently initialized
FaxStatusBusyThe recipient is busy
FaxStatusNotFaxCallA call other than a fax call (phone call for example) was received by the device
FaxStatusNoDialToneNo dial tone
FaxStatusHandledThe fax is handled and transmitted by the fax manager.
FaxStatusReceivingThe device is currently receiving a fax
FaxStatusAnsweredThe recipient answered
FaxStatusDelayedThe call is delayed
FaxStatusRoutingThe device is currently routing an incoming fax.
FaxStatusNoAnswerThe recipient does not answer
FaxStatusRingThe recipient fax is ringing
Fax status in the fax manager. Can correspond to a combination of the following constants:
FaxQueueStatusFailedThe fax was not sent
FaxQueueStatusPendingThe fax is pending
FaxQueueStatusInProgressThe fax is currently sent
FaxQueueStatusRetriesExceededThe maximum number of attempts has been reached and the fax will not be sent.
FaxQueueStatusNoLineNo line is available to send the fax. It will be sent when a line becomes available.
FaxQueueStatusPausedThe fax is paused.
FaxQueueStatusRetryingThe fax was not sent and a new attempt will be done later.
FaxQueueStatusDeletingThe fax is currently deleted.
Numeric identifier of the fax.
FaxCompleteStatus.StatusCaptionCharacter string
Description of fax status.
Total number of pages to transmit.
FaxCompleteStatus.RecipientNameCharacter string
Name of recipient.
FaxCompleteStatus.DocumentNameCharacter string
Name of fax.
FaxCompleteStatus.SenderNameCharacter string
Name of sender.
FaxCompleteStatus.DeviceNameCharacter string
Name of device (modem) used for the transmission.
FaxCompleteStatus.RecipientNumberCharacter string
Number of recipient.
Number of the page currently transmitted.
FaxCompleteStatus.ScheduleActionInteger constant.
Used to schedule the outgoing fax:
FaxScheduleActionDiscountPeriodThe fax will be sent during off-peak hours.
FaxScheduleActionSpecificTimeThe fax will be sent at the time specified in FaxCompleteStatus.ScheduleDateTime.
FaxScheduleActionNowThe fax will be sent as soon as possible.
FaxCompleteStatus.OwnerCharacter string.
Name of the user who emitted the fax.
FaxCompleteStatus.SenderCompanyCharacter string.
Company of sender.
Size of transmitted document (in bytes).
Specifies whether the transmission is over (which means ended or canceled).
FaxCompleteStatus.TypeInteger constant.
Type of fax:
FaxTypeFailReceiveThe fax was not routed yet because it was not received.
FaxTypeSendFax sent.
FaxTypeRoutingThe fax was not routed. It will be retried later.
FaxTypeUnknownUnknown type because the fax was not scheduled yet.
FaxTypeReceiveFax received.
Minimum version required
  • Version 10
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