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  • Use conditions according to the platforms
  • Trace window
  • Context menu of the trace window
  • Special case
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Stored procedures
Displays the requested information (content of a control, for example) in a window opened next to the current window.
Trace window
  • Trace is useful during the development process to check whether a program runs properly. In the editor, the "Debugger trace" displays the information found in the trace window as well as the full text of errors that occurred.
  • trace window displays in both development and execution modes. To avoid a runtime display, use function InTestMode.
// ------------------
// Affichage d'informations dans la fenêtre de trace 
Trace("Résultat du calcul: " + ResCalcul)
// ----------------
// Surcharge de l'affichage de la trace
PROCÉDURE Trace(MessageAAfficher)
IF InTestMode() THEN Trace(MessageAAfficher)
// Appel de la fonction Trace surchargée
WL.Trace("Lancement de la trace")
Trace(<Information> [, <Additional information 1> [... [, <Additional information N>]]])
<Information>: Any type
Set of elements that will be displayed in the trace window.
<Additional information 1>: Any type (optional)
Additional information to be displayed in the trace window. It will be displayed on the same line as <Information>.
<Additional information N>: Any type (optional)
Additional information to be displayed in the trace window. It will be displayed on the same line as <Information>.

Use conditions according to the platforms

Linux Trace can be used to display the requested information in a file only. By default, this file is created in the UNIX temporary directory and is named "Trace_<Project>.txt".
PHP The information of Trace is displayed at the beginning of the HTML page returned.
WEBDEV - Server code
  • The trace window is displayed in test mode ("Go" option) only for dynamic pages (other than Active WEBDEV Pages).
  • In AWP and deployment mode, Trace can only be used to write the specified information to a file (trFile constant used with TraceStart).
iPhone/iPadIOS WidgetApple WatchMac Catalyst Trace displays requested information in the Xcode standard output window.
AndroidAndroid Widget Trace saves the requested information in the application log ("ADB log") at runtime or in emulator mode. This information appears in the "Info" section.
This log can be viewed when the device is connected via USB or when using the emulator from the DDMS application provided with the Android SDK.
For more details, see Managing ADB logs.
WINDEVWEBDEV - Server codeWEBDEV - Browser code

Trace window

  • The information passed as parameter is displayed on the next line of the trace window.
  • The trace window opens automatically the first time Trace is called (TraceStart is executed automatically). By default, this window is opened in the upper-left corner of the screen.
  • Trace is similar to Info but the information is displayed in another window and no key needs to be pressed.
  • WEBDEV - Server codeWEBDEV - Browser code The trace window displayed from a Browser code is different from the one displayed from a Server code. Therefore, two different trace windows can be opened at the same time.
WINDEVWEBDEV - Server codeWEBDEV - Browser code

Context menu of the trace window

The context menu of the trace window allows you to:
  • copy/cut/paste the content of trace window.
  • save the content of the trace window in a text file.
    Caution: This option is available only if the wdxxxstd.dll library is on the end-user computer.
  • clear the contents of the trace window.
  • open the trace window on top of all the other windows (including the windows from the other applications).
  • save the size and position of the trace window when it is closed. When this window is displayed again, it will keep the size and position saved.
  • display a horizontal scrollbar.
  • display special characters in gray or use them directly: EOT, TAB, etc. Therefore, the "Carriage Return" (CR) characters in the trace window are represented as "<\r><\n>".
    Remark: This option will be taken into account from the next line of information displayed.
WEBDEV - Server code

Special case

PageDisplay and PageRefresh cannot be used after Trace.
PHP If PageDisplay and PageRefresh are used, a warning message will be displayed by the PHP engine.
Component: wd290vm.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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