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Stored procedures
The main elements of code editor are as follows:
Gives quick access to the main features of code editor.
Ribbon pane specific to the code editor
Used to quickly select the codes to view.
Code windows
Several code windows can be opened at the same time.
Breakpoint for the debugger
The icon signals a breakpoint. When running the project test, the debugger will automatically start when the line preceded by this icon is run. To add or delete a breakpoint, all you have to do is click in front of the code line.
A text underlined in red indicates that an error occurred in the code. The details of the error is available:
  • when the line of code is hovered by the mouse cursor: a tooltip displays the text of the error.
  • in the "Compilation errors" pane.
Assisted input
Drop-down list proposing the different possible values for each parameter of the function currently typed.
For more details, see Automatic completion.
The <Xxx wizard> option indicates that a wizard allows you to enter the different parameters of the function by answering some simple questions. To start the wizard, select the <Xxx wizard> option.
Set of panes
The following panes are "specific" to the code editor:
  • "Compilation errors" pane displaying the details of the errors,
  • "Context-sensitive view of code" pane used to view the code of the current element in the editor.
  • "Debugger" pane displaying the options of the debugger when this one is started.
A reduced preview of the code is displayed on the right (or left) part of the code editor.
The section that corresponds to the code being displayed is clearly represented. The move of the small viewing window also moves the content of the code editor.
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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Last update: 06/14/2023

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