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Stored procedures
Returns the type of file according to the MIME standard (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions). The "Content Type" tells the software how it should interpret the file.
Remark: This function is equivalent to fContentType.
// Add attachments to an email
arrAttachment is array of strings = ["image.png", "video.mpeg", "file.pdf"]
myEmail is Email
FOR EACH sFile OF arrAttachment
// Build the emailAttach variable
myAttach is emailAttach
myAttach.Name = sFile
myAttach.Content = fLoadBuffer(sFile)
// fMIMEType returns "image/png" for "image.png",
// "vide/mpeg" for "video,mpeg" and "application/pdf" for "file.pdf"
myAttach.ContentType = fMIMEType(sFile)
// Add the attachment
Add(myEmail.Attach, myAttach)
// Display a file in the user's browser in server code
FileDisplay(sFile, fMIMEType (sFile))
<Result> = fMIMEType(<File path>)
<Result>: Character string
  • File type according to MIME standard:
    typeMimeXMLApplicationXML content.
    typeMimeBinaryBinary content (byte stream).
    typeMimeDOCContent such as Word file (*.doc)
    typeMimeDOCXContent such as Word file (*.docx)
    typeMimeGIFContent such as Image in GIF format (*.gif)
    typeMimeHTMLContent such as HTML page (*.htm, *.html)
    typeMimeJPEGContent such as image in JPEG format (*.jpg, *.jpeg)
    typeMimeJSONJSON content.
    typeMimePDFContent such as PDF document (*.pdf)
    typeMimePNGContent such as image in JPEG format (*.png)
    typeMimeSOAPSOAP content in XML format.
    typeMimeTextContent in text format (*.txt)
    typeMimeXMLTextText content in XML format
    typeMimeXLSContent in Excel format (*.xls)
    typeMimeXLSXContent in Excel format (*.xlsx)
    typeMimeZIPContent in ZIP format (*.zip)
  • Empty string ("") if the MIME type could not be determined.
<File path>: Character string
  • Name and full (or relative) path of the file (up to 260 characters).
  • Full (or relative) path of directory (up to 260 characters). If this parameter corresponds to a directory name, this name may (or may not) end with "\".
A UNC path can be used.
The MIME type is determined from the file extension.
Component: wd280std.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 28
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Last update: 09/01/2022

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