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  • Properties specific to the description of DiskFile variables
  • Functions that use the DiskFile type
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Stored procedures
DiskFile (Type of variable)
In french: FichierDisque
Inherits from %1
The DiskFile type is used to handle text files present on disk. The characteristics of this file can be defined and changed using different WLanguage properties.
Remark: For more details on the declaration of this type of variable and the use of WLanguage properties, see Declaring a variable.
// Writing into a text file
MyFile is DiskFile = fOpen("File.txt")

Properties specific to the description of DiskFile variables

The following properties can be used to handle text files:
Property nameType usedEffect
DateCreatedDateTimeDate and time of file creation.
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This property is read-only.
DateLastAccessedDateTimeDate and time of last access to the file.
DateModifiedDateTimeDate and time of last file modification.
HandleSystem integer
  • File system handle,
  • -1 if no associated file.
This property is read-only.

Remark: The file associated with a DiskFile variable is automatically closed outside of the scope of the variable.

Functions that use the DiskFile type

fLockEntirely or partially locks an external file.
fChangeSizeResizes an external file.
fFindFinds a character string or a buffer in a file opened by fOpen.
fUnlockEntirely or partially unlocks an external file.
  • a character string into an external file.
  • a memory section.
fWriteLineWrites a line into a text file (ANSI or UNICODE).
fCloseCloses an external file.
  • a block of bytes (characters) in an external file (ANSI or Unicode),
  • the content of an external file (ANSI or Unicode) and assigns it to a memory area.
fReadLineReads a line from an external file (ANSI or UNICODE).
fReadLineRegularExpressionReads a line in an external file, gets sections of this line according to a regular expression and assigns them to a variable.
fFileNameReturns the name of an external file that is currently opened.
fSeekReturns and modifies the current position in an external file.
fSizeReturns the size of a file (in bytes).
Minimum version required
  • Version 28
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