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  • Characteristics of dialog box
  • Line break in the dialog box
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Stored procedures
Displays a custom error message in a non-blocking system error window.
Error message
  • This is a non-blocking error window. The WLanguage code that follows the call to ErrorAsynchronous continues to run. To close the window, the user must click the OK button to validate. When the user clicks "OK", the code of a WLanguage procedure can be run.
  • In the WLanguage code following the call to the function, another modal window cannot be opened before closing the dialog box.
  • WINDEV WINDEV allows you to apply the skin template of your project to this dialog box. For more details, see Customizing dialog boxes.
NextTitle("Erreur: Traitement interrompu")
ErrorAsynchronous("Le traitement en cours a causé une erreur pour le client " + ...
CLIENT.IDCLIENT + "." + CR + "Il faudra relancer le traitement pour ce client.", ...
ToastDisplay("L'utilisateur a fermé la fenêtre.")
ErrorAsynchronous(<Text> [, <WLanguage procedure>])
<Text>: Character string (with quotes)
Text to display.
<WLanguage procedure>: Name of procedure or lambda procedure, optional
Name of the WLangage procedure ("callback" procedure) called when the user clicks "OK" in the error window.
This WLanguage procedure can correspond to:
  • a name of a global procedure,
  • a name of internal procedure,
  • a lambda procedure.
If this parameter is not specified, no procedure is run when the user clicks "OK" in the error window.

Characteristics of dialog box

  • The title of the dialog box corresponds to the title of the current window (or page).
  • To modify or define the title of dialog box, use NextTitle.
  • The message is aligned to left.
  • The button caption depends on the runtime language of Windows.
  • The maximum number of characters cannot exceed 4096. If a larger string is passed in parameter, it will be truncated.
  • The icon displayed (white cross) cannot be modified.
WINDEV To customize this dialog box (and all the system dialog boxes in your application), check "Customize the system windows (Info, YesNo, Confirm, Dialog)" in the "Style" tab of the project description. For more details, see Customizing dialog boxes.

Line break in the dialog box

The CR string (Carriage Return) can be used to force a break to the next line. For example:
ErrorAsynchronous("Une erreur a été détectée lors de la saisie de l'adresse. " + CR + ...
"Merci de modifier les données concernant le client.")
You also have the ability to use the syntax of multiline strings. For example:
une Erreur À été détectée lors de la Saisie de l'adresse.
Merci de modifier les données concernant le client.


  • Timers (TimerSys) are not stopped when this function is called.
  • WINDEV Windows events are not stopped when this function is called.
  • WINDEV The DelayBeforeClosing function limits the display time of all dialog boxes. The dialog box is automatically closed. For question or confirmation dialog boxes, the default button corresponds to the expected answer.
    WINDEV To limit the display duration of an Error dialog box only, use ErrorWithTimeout.
  • The caption of the button is displayed in the language used by Windows on the current computer.
Component: wd260obj.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 25
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