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Stored procedures
Defines the number of levels to display in the time scale of a chart as well as the maximum level.
Remark: This function can be used with grTimeLevelMask, which defines the mask of a level in the time scale of the chart.
// The maximum number ol fevels to display is set to 2
grTimeLevelMax(CHART_MyChart, 2)
// Forbids the display of years for CHART_MyChart
grTimeLevelMax(CHART_MyChart, 3, grtlMonth)
// Set the time scale to display several values per month
// but displaying only the months in the scale
// (days are not displayed)
grTimeLevelMask(CHART_MyChart, grtlMonth, "Mmm")
grTimeLevelMax(CHART_MyChart, 1, grtlMonth)
grTimeLevelMax(<Chart name> , <Number of levels> [, <Maximum level>])
<Chart name>: Control name or character string
Name of the chart to be used. This name corresponds to:
  • the chart name defined through programming with grCreate.
  • the name of the Chart control in the window or page editor.
Android Only Chart controls are available.
<Number of levels>: Integer
Maximum number of levels displayed in the chart.
<Maximum level>: Optional Integer constant
Maximum level to display:
grtlDayMaximum level displayed: days.
grtlHourMaximum level displayed: hours.
grtlMillisecondMaximum level displayed: milliseconds.
grtlMinuteMaximum level displayed: minutes.
grtlMonthMaximum level displayed: months.
grtlSecondMaximum level displayed: seconds.
grtlYearMaximum level displayed: years.
When displaying a time scale on DateTime data, the chart designer draws several levels corresponding to the different time units displayed.
  • The minimum level to display is defined according to the range of data.
  • The maximum level is defined by using two parameters:
    • The maximum number of levels to display in the chart (by default: 3).
    • The maximum level allowed for the display (by default: year).
grTimeLevelMax is used to modify these parameters. This allows you not to overload the chart or not to display some levels without relevance for the data displayed.
For example:
  • to avoid displaying the years, all you have to do is set the maximum level with the grtlMonth constant.
  • to avoid displaying more than two time levels in the chart, all you have to do is set the <Number of Levels> parameter to 2.
Component: wd300grf.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 23
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Last update: 06/21/2023

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