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  • Browsers allowing the geolocation
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Stored procedures
Requests to be notified periodically of the device's current location.
// Enables a procedure to receive the device's location at regular intervals
// Procedure
PROCEDURE MovementProc(pos is geoPosition)
Info(" Latitude: " + pos.Latitude)  
Info(" Longitude: " + pos.Longitude)
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Enabling the notification mechanism in browser code Hide the details

GPSFollowMovement(<WLanguage procedure>)
<WLanguage procedure>: Procedure name
Name of WLanguage procedure called at each notification. This procedure has the following format:
PROCEDURE <Procedure name>(<Location>, <Error>)
  • <Location> is a variable of type geoPosition that contains information about the device's location at the time of the notification. To determine if a value was assigned to the Speed, Accuracy, Direction or Altitude properties of a geoPosition variable when the location was retrieved, use the SpeedValid, AccuracyValid, DirectionValid and AltitudeValid properties.
  • <Error> is an Integer constant corresponding to the error code and that can take the following values:
    gpsErrorOKNo error was detected.
    gpsErrorPositionUnable to determine the location (e.g., access provider internal error).
    gpsErrorRightsThe browser has no sufficient rights to use geolocation.
    gpsErrorTimeoutThe location could not be retrieved within the timeout.

Disabling the notification mechanism

WEBDEV - Browser code

Browsers allowing the geolocation

Caution: Geolocation is only available on certain modern browsers:
  • FireFox from version 3.5,
  • Chrome from version 5.0.342.1,
  • Opera from version 10.6,
  • Safari from version 5.0.
During the call to a geolocation function, the browser requests a location authorization.Remark: From Chrome 50 (including on Android), GPSFollowMovement can only be used on the sites secured via an SSL certificate for example. If the site is not secured, the function returns a result that cannot be used. During the test in local (localhost), the function operates properly.
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Component: wd270java.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 15
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GPS Functions

10 Nov. 2018