Version: 26

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Creates an archive.
Closes an archive.
Opens an existing archive in CAB format.
Opens an existing archive in CAB format.
Opens an existing archive.
Opens an existing archive.
The zipArchive type is used to handle an archive file in one of the following formats: ZIP, CAB,...
Creates a self-extracting archive as a 32-bit executable (.EXE).
Modifies the stored path of a file in an archive (in ZIP, WDZ or 7z format).
Used to find out whether an archive exists.
Adds all the files found in a directory and in its subdirectories into an archive and compresses...
Creates an image in the Image Editor control.
List of constants used by the archiving functions....
Deletes all files from an archive.
Returns the type of archive: single-part archive or multi-part archive.
Merges the different sub-archives found in a multi-part archive to create a single-part archive.
Defines the password used to add files into the specified archive and to extract files from the...
Two types of archives are available......
Deletes a file from an archive.
Deletes a list of files from an archive.
Adds a list of files (of any type) into an archive in ZIP, CAB, WDZ or 7z format and compresses it.
Adds a file (of any type) into an archive in CAB, ZIP, WDZ and 7z, TAR or TGZ (TAR.GZ) format and...
Splits an archive into several sub-archives of a given size.