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Category: Type of data
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WLanguage proposes different types of character strings.
Depending on the type of programming, it may be useful to know the correspondence between the types used in C and the types used in WLanguage...
A currency is a real coded on 10 bytes.
The Date type enables you to easily handle the dates...
The DateTime type enables you to easily handle a date and a time...
A variable is defined by name and type...
The Duration type enables you to easily handle the intervals of dates and times...
The JSON type makes it possible to simplify actions on data in JSON format.
The numeric type is used to contain integer or decimal numbers by specifying if necessary:
  • the number of digits in the integer part.
  • the number of digits in the integer part and in the decimal part.
The following operations are available for the following types of variables...
A Rectangle variable is a structured type that is used to represent a rectangle (X, Y, Width, Height) in 2 dimensions.
The buffer type corresponds to a binary memory area.
The Time type is used to easily handle the times...
The UUID type is used to easily manage:
  • UUIDs or GUIDs,
  • automatic UUID HFSQL identifiers,
  • identifiers for COM/Automation objects and interfaces,
  • ...
The Variant type is used to:
  • store any simple value: boolean, numeric (Currency, Real, Integer, etc.), characters and character string, date (Date, Time, DateTime and Duration), ...
  • store named or indexed sub-elements.
  • store any complex value: structures, classes, advanced types, arrays, associative arrays, queues, stacks and lists.
  • handle the NULL value in WLanguage.
  • store interactions with ActiveX objects and Automation programming.
The YAML type simplifies the handling of data in YAML format.