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Category: iPhone/iPad
When the WINDEV Mobile project for iPhone/iPad is generated on the development computer, the generated files must be transferred onto a Mac in order to be compiled.
To deploy an application on the Apple Store...
To run the application test and/or to deploy the application on a device (iPhone or iPad), you must register beside the iOS Developer Program.
An Apple Watch application is an application intended for a watch associated with an iOS device (phone, tablet, ...
The development of an iPhone/iPad application is performed in 2 steps:
Several steps must be performed to develop an iPhone/iPad application:
A global procedure in WLanguage can be called from the code of a global procedure in Objective C...
To develop a WINDEV Mobile application for iPhone/iPad, you must own:
Signing an application is required from Xcode 8...
When developing an application for iOS (iPhone or iPad), WINDEV Mobile 24 allows you to test the application being developed without having to recompile it on Mac, but directly on the iPhone or iPad...
You have the ability to type Objective C code in the iPhone/iPad applications generated with WINDEV Mobile.