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Stored procedures
By default, in password controls, characters are replaced with dots.
It is now possible to display these characters in a readable format (security risks must be taken into account).
Starting with version 18, users can click a "Show password" icon in the control: the password will be shown as long as the left mouse button is down. This allows the user to check the password.

A specific icon


Starting with version 18, this icon is included by default.
This icon can be configured (like all the options included in the AAFs). For more details, see Configuring the AAF menus.
To prevent the user from showing the password in a given Edit control, use AAFDisable with the aafDisplayPassword constant.
Caution: When a value is assigned to a "Password" Edit control (using the "=" operator or the FileToScreen function for example), the Show password icon is not displayed for security reasons.
Tip: To bypass this behavior, simply assign the content with SendKey:
// Assigns a password via SendKey
SendKey(GeneratePassword(18), Handle(EDT_Password))
Minimum version required
  • Version 18
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Last update: 10/03/2022

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