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Stored procedures
In the memory and browsing Table controls, the columns with search (magnifier displayed in the column) are used to display a popup menu allowing you to specify the characteristics of the sort, filter or search that will be performed on the column.
Simply right-click the magnifier to open the context menu of the column:
This popup menu proposes:
  • to perform a search ("Find" option):
    All you have to do is type the first letters corresponding to the sought element. The Table control displays all the elements corresponding to the first letters typed.
  • to implement a filter ("Filter"):
    To do so, select a condition and type the requested value. The content of the Table control is filtered according to the specified condition.
    Remark: The "Is empty" condition is used to display only empty elements in the column.
  • to delete a filter that was previously set on the column ("Delete filter").
  • to remember filters ("Remember filters").
    If this option is enabled, the filters implemented when closing the window will be automatically run during the next window opening. A short message will be displayed to inform the user and to indicate the filters that are set.
  • to remember sorts ("Remember sorts").
    If this option is enabled, the sorts defined when the window is closed will be automatically set next time the window is opened.
  • to set a filter with one of the values in the column.
  • The popup menus displayed after right-clicking the column title and the magnifier are different.
  • These options are also available for the TreeView Table controls.
  • For more details on the options of this context menu, see Context menu of columns.
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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