• Overview
  • How to install and use a Private Store
  • Step 1: Configure your server
  • Step 2: Generate the setup of the application
  • Step 3: Install the application on the Private Store
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Stored procedures
Version 27 includes a Private Store. This store allows you to group applications used within an organization.
The Private Store can be accessed from within the organization only, or be publicly accessible .
A portal with optional authentication allows authorized users to install applications.
This standardizes and simplifies app distribution within an organization.
How to install and use a Private Store

Step 1: Configure your server

Two cases may occur:
  • If you are using a PCSCloud platform: the required elements are installed by default on your platform.
    Reminder: PCSCloud is a paid, turnkey solution. For more details, see PCSCloud.
  • If you are not using a PCSCloud platform: install the following elements:
    • an HFSQL server,
    • the reserved server, including the modules for the Mobile User Groupware (WDBaaS).
    For more details, see Configuring a BaaS server (User Groupware and Private Store).

Step 2: Generate the setup of the application

Application setups for the Private Store can be generated in the same way as standard application setups. Only a few options are different.
To generate the setup of your application in the Private Store:
  1. On the "Project" tab, in the "Generation" group, expand "Setup procedure" and select "Create setup procedure".
  2. The wizard that appears allows you to create the executable and the setup of your application.
  3. If you have not yet created the executable, follow the corresponding steps.
  4. Click "Setup" and select "Setup on a Private Store". Go to the next step.
  5. Enter the application parameters for the Private Store:
    • Application name,
    • Application visibility (private or public).
    • Description and image associated with the application.
  6. Go to the next step.
  7. The following steps are the same as those for generating the setup of a standard application. For more details, see Setup wizard: The steps for creating the setup of a WINDEV application.
  8. At the end of the wizard, you can choose how to generate the setup program. For applications deployed to the Private Store, only a self-extracting executable can be generated.
  9. Click "Finish". The setup program is generated.

Step 3: Install the application on the Private Store

Once the application setup program has been generated, it can be executed:
  • directly ("Test").
  • by running the "exe" program, located in the "Install_xxx" subdirectory of the project directory.
When installing the application:
  1. If necessary, select the setup language.
  2. Specify the Private Store connection options:
    • The address of the BaaS server used.
    • The supervisor's login credentials.
    This information was provided during the setup of the server reserved.
    If you are using a PCSCloud platform, the server address is the name of your platform.

    The Private Store administration site can be accessed at http(s)://<PCSCLOUD server or platform>/WDBaaS. Use "supervisor" as username and password the first time you log in and change your credentials immediately.
  1. Specify the application setup parameters:
    • Setup signature
    • Integration of a custom configuration file.
  2. Validate. The application is installed on the Private Store. You can share the Private Store link with the users of your application.
Minimum version required
  • Version 27
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