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Stored procedures
A pinned control remains visible even if the user moves the scrollbar of the container to display a non-visible area. For example, if a Button control is pinned to the bottom right of a window, it will remain at the bottom right even if the user scrolls through the window.
If the container is not scrollable, standard anchors apply to the control.
Several types of containers support pinned controls:
  • Maximized windows with automatic scrollbar.
  • Internal window controls with automatic scrollbar.
  • Supercontrols.
If a pinned control is in another type of container, only the standard anchors are applied.
How to?
To define a pinned control (a Button control, for example):
  1. Position the control in the window. The control should be at the desired position, regardless of the size of the container.
    For example, place the Button control at the bottom right of the window in edit mode if you want this button to be displayed at that position.
  2. Anchor the control.
    In our example, the control is anchored completely to the right and bottom of the window.
  3. Pin the control:
    • Open the control description window.
    • In the "UI" tab, click "Parallax / Pinned: None".
    • In the window that appears, select "Pinned control". The "Hide control while scrolling" option keeps the control pinned, but hides it while the user scrolls.
    • Confirm, then validate the control description window.
At runtime, the height of the window is greater than the height of the screen. The window is scrollable, and the pinned button is visible at the bottom right, as if it had been anchored to the screen and not to the window. The button remains at the same position as the window is scrolled.
Remark: Unlike standard anchors, where the dimensions of the container are never less than those defined in edit mode, with a pinned control, the anchor reference points are generally smaller than the container of the control. This can lead to overlapping controls or to a control being hidden (outside the container) if its anchors are not adapted to its initial position.
Minimum version required
  • Version 27
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Last update: 06/12/2023

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