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Stored procedures
The minimap is an option that allows you to quickly navigate the code editor.
A reduced preview of the code is displayed on the right (or left) part of the code editor.
The section that corresponds to the code being displayed is clearly represented. And the movement of the small preview window is synchronized with the content of the code editor.
This mode improves on precision, speed and comfort when scrolling. It also provides an overview of all events and processes. For example, all the procedures found in a set of procedures or all the methods of a class are displayed.
The minimap indicates:
  • compilation errors. The lines containing a compilation error are highlighted in red.
  • search results. The lines containing a search element are highlighted in orange.
How to?
To manage the minimap in the code editor:
  1. Open the code editor options: On the "Home" tab, in the "Environment" group, expand "Options" and select "Options of the code editor".
  2. In the window that is displayed, select the "Code" tab.
    Configuring the minimap
  3. Select the desired type of scrollbar:
    • Standard scrollbar.
    • Minimap to the left.
    • Minimap to the right.
  4. Validate.
Minimum version required
  • Version 21
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Last update: 04/25/2024

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