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Stored procedures
The different options of the WINDEV, WEBDEV and WINDEV Mobile editors are presented via a ribbon. This ribbon contains tabs in which the different options of the editors are grouped.
The ribbon includes several areas:
Ribbon areas
  1. The area of quick access buttons.
  2. The pane area.
  3. The area of groups of options.
The quick access buttons


The quick access buttons are used to perform the most usual operations, common to all the editors: save, open, create, etc.
Quick access
The 3 buttons at the top of this area are specific buttons:
  • the logo of the version is used to display:
    • the "About..." window.
    • the custom-menus.
    • the drop-down menus of earlier versions (version 17 and earlier).
  • the 2 following icons are used to restore the menus and the toolbars from earlier versions (version 17 and earlier).

Customizing the quick access buttons

To customize the quick access buttons:
  1. Right-click in the area of quick access buttons.
  2. Select "Customize the quick access buttons". The following window appears:
    Customizing the buttons
    In this screen:
    • The left section corresponds to the list of all the options available in the product.
    • The right section corresponds to the 9 buttons of the quick access area.
  3. Only 9 buttons can be in the quick access area. To add one or more buttons, some buttons must be deleted from this area. The arrow buttons are used to handle, remove or reposition the options.
  4. Validate. Changes are automatically applied.


The different ribbon tabs allow you to access the options of the editors.
Several types of tabs are available:
  • the current tab: The tab appears in light gray and a colored line is displayed under the name of the tab.
  • the context tabs, specific to the current element: These tabs are related to the current editor or to the selected element. The tab name is displayed:
    • in yellow for WINDEV,
    • in orange for WINDEV Mobile,
    • in blue for WEBDEV.
  • the other available tabs: The tab name is displayed in white.

Finding an option in the menu

Do you need to find a specific option? Use the search icon in the tab bar:
Search in the ribbon
  1. Click the search icon: a search control is enabled.
  2. As soon as a word is typed, the editor automatically proposes the possible options associated with this word. In the example below, the searched word is "dashboard":
    Search in the ribbon
  3. Select one of the proposed answers and you will be immediately positioned on the menu options. These options are bordered by a yellow border on a light yellow background.
    Search in the ribbon
The options


Options are grouped under the tabs.
The options
The options change depending on the selected tab.
Several types of options are available:
  • Options to check.
  • Buttons to click.
  • Drop-down buttons used to expand options. Two types of drop-down buttons are available:
    • drop-down buttons used to expand a menu.
    • split buttons used to expand a menu (click on the arrow), or to perform a default action (click on the button icon).
The options are organized by groups. Each group of options has a name and can have a dialog box launcher: Dialog box launcher. This button is used to perform a specific action according to the current group: open the description of the current element, open the help, ...
Minimum version required
  • Version 18
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