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  • How to proceed?
  • Implementing an "Action Bar"
  • Adding an option of the main menu into the Action Bar
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Stored procedures
From version 17 (69), this help page is obsolete. See the help about the Action Bar control.
Android 3 implements new possibilities for your applications, especially the ability to use the "Action bars".
The "Actions bars" replace the title bar of a window and they are used to display various information:
  • the application icon,
  • the window title,
  • some menu options,
  • the drop-down menu of your window.
Remark: the "Action bars" are available for the phones and tablets running Android 3 (and later). If an Action Bar is used with an earlier version, a title bar is displayed.
How to proceed?

Implementing an "Action Bar"

To implement an "Action Bar" in your window:
  1. Open the window description ("Description" in the popup menu).
  2. In the "Style" tab, select "With Action Bar".
    options of
  3. Validate. The title bar is replaced by an Action Bar.
Caution: In the editor, no control must be positioned in the Action Bar.
At run time, the following elements are automatically displayed in the Action Bar:
  • the application icon.
  • the title of the window (if it exists)
  • an icon used to expand the main menu of your application.
    Remark: in this menu, the images associated with the menu options are not displayed.
Caution: If the Action Bar is enabled, the main menu of the application is no longer displayed at the bottom of the window.
Example of Action Bar on a tablet
Action Bar

Adding an option of the main menu into the Action Bar

To add an option of the main menu into the Action Bar:
  1. Select the desired menu option. This menu option must be a final option of the main menu (this option must not include any sub-options).
  2. Open the description window of the menu option ("Description" in the popup menu).
  3. In the "UI" tab, check "Move this option into the Action Bar".
  4. Validate.
At runtime:
  • The option will no longer be visible via the button used to open the menu.
  • If the option contains an image, only this image will be displayed in the Action Bar.
  • If the option only contains a caption, only this caption will be displayed in the Action Bar.
Action Bar
Minimum version required
  • Version 17
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