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  • Overview
  • The directories
  • Accounts of the operating system
  • Access rights for using a site
  • Access rights for performing a remote setup in anonymous mode
  • Access rights for performing a remote setup in authenticated mode
  • WEBDEV accounts
  • HFSQL Client/Server database
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Stored procedures
Hosting parameters
The hosting parameters define the default values that will be used to create the new hosting accounts. These parameters can be modified at any time, when creating a user account.
These parameters define:
  • the different directories used by the WEBDEV sites,
  • the system accounts,
  • the WEBDEV accounts,
  • the HFSQL Client/Server database.
The directories
You have the ability to specify the directories used to create the hosting accounts and to install the WEBDEV sites. These directories are as follows:
  • the path of the default directory where the WEBDEV accounts will be created. This directory must exist.
  • the name of the sub-directory for the WEBDEV sites ("sites" for example).
  • the data sub-directory of WEBDEV sites (HFSQL Classic data files for example).
  • the sub-directories of static sites ("www" for example).
Accounts of the operating system
Each hosting account is associated with two user accounts of the operating system:
  • an account to install and manage the sites.
  • an account to run the sites.
These two accounts do not have the same rights.
All administration accounts can be grouped into a group of users and all the runtime accounts can be grouped into another group.
You have the ability to specify the names of the groups to use.
Remark: All the groups defined on the system are listed. You must create a group of users with the sufficient rights in order for this one to be displayed in the list.
The option "Synchronize the accounts of the operating system with the hosting account when it is created" allows you to use the same name and the same password when creating the user account.

Access rights for using a site

Several access rights are required to operate the WEBDEV site. These rights affect the anonymous Internet user of the server (which means the Windows account that runs WD250AWP.EXE). The table below presents a summary of these rights.
Site directoryRead
Data directoryRead/Write
_WEB directoryRead
WEBDEV directoryRead/Run
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\PC Soft\WebDev\25.0Read
ExecutableRuntime mode
WD250AWP.EXEExecution in anonymous mode by using the Internet guest account

Access rights for performing a remote setup in anonymous mode

Some additional access rights are required to remotely install and update an application in anonymous mode:
Site directoryRead/Write
Data directoryRead/Write
_WEB directoryRead/Write
WEBDEV directoryRead/Run
Directory of WEBDEV accountsRead/Write
Home directory of FTP account used for setupRead/Write
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\PC Soft\WebDev\25.0\ApplicationsRead/Write
ExecutableRuntime mode
WD250INSTAWP.EXEExecution in authenticated mode by using the basic authentication. The execution rights must be granted to the Windows users who perform the setup (rights identical to the FTP account).

Access rights for performing a remote setup in authenticated mode

To install and update an application in authenticated mode, the access rights must be granted to a second account.
The account must be a Windows account with the same parameters as the FTP account used for remote setup (automatic if the FTP server is IIS). The rights to associate with this account are the same as the ones in the above table.
WEBDEV accounts
Two limits can be defined for a WEBDEV account:
  • the maximum number of connections assigned to the account. This number of connections must be distributed between the different WEBDEV sites of the account.
  • the number of sites associated with an account.
HFSQL Client/Server database
This tab is used to define the characteristics of the HFSQL Client/Server servers that can be associated with a WEBDEV account.
You have the ability to create or delete a HFSQL server.
The following characteristics can be entered for each HFSQL server:
  • the description,
  • the IP address of the server,
  • the connection port,
  • the administrator login and his password.
Reminder: This information is used to simplify the creation of the user accounts (especially when creating several accounts). They are optional. The missing information can be entered when creating the account. Remark: From version 19, HFSQL is the new name of HyperFileSQL.
Minimum version required
  • Version 11
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