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Generating a Java application with WINDEV

WINDEV allows you to generate a Java application without even knowing the Java language. The method for developing the application is identical to the method for developing any other WINDEV application.
When the WINDEV project is compiled, the windows and the WLanguage functions are automatically converted into Java.
Available WLanguage functions
AnimationXXX functionsTreeXXX functionsBinaryXXX functionsDrawing functions
Drag and DropEmailXXX functionsInXXXMode functionsWinXXX functions
External file management functionsHTTPXXX functionsHFSQL functionsPrint functions
FTP functionsString management functionsControl management functionsDate and time management functions
IniXXX functionsJavaXXX functionsListXXX functionsMathematical functions
MatXXX functionsMemXXX functionsMenuXXX functionsClipboardXXX functions
SocketXXX functionsMouseXXX functionsSQLxxx functionsTableXXX functions
Thread, Event and Semaphore functionsTimerSys and EndTimerSysURLXXX functionsXMLxxx functions
ZipXXX functions (only the ZIP format without password is supported)Looperxxx functions
This list evolves very quickly. It is recommended to check the documentation for each function. The logo indicates whether the function is available in Java as well as its limitations.
The filter of the online help + is used to view the functions available in Java.
Specific features
The following elements are not available in Java generation:
  • the components.
    Remark: The internal components are available in Java. If the internal component includes an analysis, this analysis will be ignored during the execution.
  • the use of Web services
  • the OLE Automation dialog
  • the use and generation of .Net components
  • the multiple inheritance
  • the dynamic compilation
  • the "GOTO" statement
  • the syntax used to specify the name of a base class in front of a method
    Example: MyBaseClass::MyVirtualMethod
  • the external language
  • reports. However, the print is available in WLanguage.
    You have the ability to print in PDF format in WLanguage.
  • the "popup" windows
  • the indirections are not supported by the local variables
  • several structures with the same name cannot be found in the same project (even if they are defined in different classes).
  • the management of RTF format
  • the UMC (User Macro-Code)
The skin templates of version 10 (and earlier) are supported by the Java applications.
".CUR" or ".ANI" custom mouse cursors are not supported in Java.
Styles: the following features are not available:
  • Clipping the windows.
  • Shadow for static controls.
  • Transparency and animation of windows.
  • Some fonts specific to Windows may not be supported in Java (a default font will be used).
  • Font attributes: underlined and struck out.
  • Resizing the combo boxes.
  • Using the skin template of the project on system windows.
  • Buttons cannot have multiline text.
The Vista styles are available in Java.

Image formats

The following image formats are supported in Java: JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP.
Related Examples:
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[ + ] This example is a Java example used to read and send emails.
WD Managing the Java errors Training (WINDEV): WD Managing the Java errors
[ + ] WINDEV enables you to develop Java applications without even knowing Java.
You benefit from the power and from the automated processes of the WINDEV environment.
One of the most useful automated processes is the automatic management of errors.
This example presents the operating mode and the implementation of the mechanism for managing the WINDEV errors.
Some illustrations allow you to understand the simplification performed when implementing this feature.
This project is configured to generate a Java archive.
WD Java Chart Designer Training (WINDEV): WD Java Chart Designer
[ + ] WINDEV enables you to create some Java applications without even knowing Java.
You program with a 5GL (WLanguage) and WINDEV generates the Java code.
The drawing functions of WINDEV are available in Java generation.
This example explains how to create charts with these drawing functions.
Three types of charts are presented in this example:
- the bar chart,
- the scatter chart,
- and the line chart.
WD JAVA Calls Training (WINDEV): WD JAVA Calls
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- A "Windows Application" configuration that is used to create the executable of the application
- A "Java Application" configuration that is used to create the Java archive (.JAR) of the application
This example is supplied with a JAR archive named "JavaFunction" external to the application.
It presents the call to the methods of classes of this JAR archive via the WLanguage function named JavaExecuteFunction.
This example also explains how a memory table can be filled (identical in Java mode and in Windows mode)
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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