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WINDEV Mobile License Agreement
Caution: By installing and using WINDEV Mobile, you agree to the terms of this license:
The following definitions shall govern throughout:
A. "PC SOFT Company" shall mean PC SOFT, 3 rue de Puech Villa, BP 444 08, 34197 Montpellier, France.
B. CUSTOMER shall mean the original customer (either individual or company) who purchased a license.
C. SOFTWARE shall refer to the "WINDEV Mobile" software purchased by the CUSTOMER, for the current version and any updates, unless this update version has its own license, which would apply then.
D. "APPLICATION" shall mean a program or a set of programs developed with the SOFTWARE.
E. "LICENSE" shall mean this AGREEMENT and the rights and obligations created hereunder by the French Law.

1 License

This user license is granted to the CUSTOMER in exchange for the payment of a purchase price.
This SOFTWARE shall be used on a single computer by a single person at a time. The SOFTWARE is considered used as soon as it is loaded in the "computer memory" (also called RAM).
This license is granted only after full payment of rights as indicated on the price list on the day of the purchase.

2. SOFTWARE ownership

This software is the sole and exclusive property of PC SOFT. The customer has only acquired the right to use the SOFTWARE.

3. Backup copy

The CUSTOMER is authorized to download a backup copy to reinstall the SOFTWARE.
Reproducing the documentation, in part or in full, is strictly forbidden.

4. Use

The CUSTOMER agrees to use the SOFTWARE only for the purpose for which it is intended. Modifying, trying to modify, disassembling, or trying to disassemble this SOFTWARE is forbidden. The CUSTOMER shall not remove (or try to remove) the copyright mentions that may be displayed and/or included in the SOFTWARE.
The SOFTWARE shall not be rented, leased or shared.
The SOFTWARE shall not be used to create and distribute all or part of a development tool, software for application creation and program building, or any other software similar to the SOFTWARE. Contact us if you have any questions.

The photographs, illustrations and images contained in the examples, templates, skins and skin templates can only be used in their initial context. Any use, reproduction, representation, adaptation or copy, in full or in part, in any format, by any existing or forthcoming process, is forbidden.

The images and animations available from the image catalog must be exclusively used in the APPLICATIONS developed with the SOFTWARE. These images shall not be sold or distributed. Their use in products or sites other than the APPLICATION is forbidden.

The images cannot be separated from the APPLICATION that uses them.

5. Royalties

The CUSTOMER in possession of a duly registered SOFTWARE license has the rights to distribute the execution modules required to run the stand-alone programs, for the sole purpose of running the programs developed with the SOFTWARE.
Such programs shall not be a plain duplication or recompilation of the modules or examples supplied with the SOFTWARE. Contact PC SOFT for any further information.

The HFSQL engine can be distributed with any APPLICATION developed with the SOFTWARE, provided that more than 50% (fifty per cent) of it is used by one or more WINDEV Mobile applications. 50% represents the number of features actually used in the application.
For any other use in another language or by another method, a SOFTWARE LICENSE is required for each server that uses HFSQL, in the same version as or in a later version than HFSQL (for example, WINDEV Mobile 2024 to use HFSQL Client/Server).
If HFSQL is used on a single computer (laptop, desktop PC, etc.), this computer is considered as a server.
Therefore, if HFSQL is mainly used by a software not developed by WINDEV, WINDEV Mobile or WEBDEV, it CANNOT be distributed.
Contact PC SOFT for any further information.

6. Limited warranty

The SOFTWARE and the documentation are sold as is, WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY as to performance, merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose. PC SOFT shall not be liable for damages of any nature whatsoever, including data loss or deterioration, financial or operational loss, discrepancies between information supplied in the documentation and SOFTWARE behavior, in case the SOFTWARE behaves differently than expected. The entire risk as to the results and performance of programs created with the SOFTWARE is assumed by the CUSTOMER.
If the dongle becomes defective, the CUSTOMER may return the dongle to PC SOFT for replacement.
NO DONGLE CAN BE PURCHASED SEPARATELY. The only way to get a new dongle is to buy a brand new product. Don't misplace your dongle. We recommend that you make sure you have an insurance policy that covers theft, loss or destruction (fire, etc.) of this dongle.
The replacement items will be invoiced.
If the dongle becomes defective within 3 months of the original purchase date, PC SOFT will replace it without charge, excluding shipping costs. Parcels will be accepted only if delivered postage paid and tax-free. The return postage will be invoiced; express shipping and proof of delivery. This warranty shall not apply if the item becomes defective due to an accident or mishandling.
Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitations may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights. The CUSTOMER and PC SOFT agree that WINDEV Mobile is not intended as "Consumer Goods" under warranty laws of USA.

7. Miscellaneous

PC SOFT maintains a policy of ongoing updates and product improvement. Provided that the CUSTOMER has previously returned the registration card, PC SOFT shall provide the CUSTOMER with either copies of updated material or notification of availability and price schedules where appropriate.
In the event legal action is brought by either the CUSTOMER or PC SOFT to enforce the terms of this licensing agreement, the prevailing party shall be entitled to recover reasonable attorney fees and expenses in addition to any other relief deemed appropriate by the court.
This license shall not be modified by the representations of anyone unless a written amendment has been signed by a corporate officer of PC SOFT.

8. Special cases

8.1 Features linked to services
Warning: before using a feature linked to services or applications (including Google), we strongly recommend that you check the license for using this service or this application. Some restrictions may apply. The content of the licenses may change over time.
PC SOFT is in no case responsible for the way the native access functions are used. Please make sure that you comply with the license of service provider.

8.2 Applications developed for an Apple system (iPhone, iPad, ...)
Warning: Any APPLICATION developed with the SOFTWARE and intended to operate on a device designed by the Apple company may have to comply with one or more licenses belonging to the Apple company.

9. Third-party software

Licenses for third-party software and libraries used by WINDEV Mobile
Licenses for third-party software and libraries used by WINDEV Mobile can be found here.

Installed fonts
The "Open Sans", "Roboto" and "Droid font" fonts installed and used by the SOFTWARE are subject to the "Apache License" license. The text of this license can be found in the "Help" subdirectory of the SOFTWARE.
The "PCSxxxx" fonts used by the SOFTWARE and found in the "Fonts" directory of the SOFTWARE are subject to the "Apache License" and "SIL Open Font License" licenses. The text of these licenses can be found in the "Help" subdirectory of the SOFTWARE.

Detection of Beacons in ANDROID
The detection of Beacons in ANDROID uses the "Android Beacon Library" module. If the APPLICATION uses the detection of Beacons in ANDROID, it is subject to the "Apache License". The text of this license can be found in the "Help" subdirectory of the SOFTWARE.

The OCR provided by the SOFTWARE is subject to the "Apache License". The text of this license can be found in the "Help" subdirectory of the SOFTWARE. If the APPLICATION uses OCR, it is subject to this license. In this case, this license will be automatically copied to the APPLICATION directory.

Use of Chromium libraries
The SOFTWARE uses Chromium libraries. These libraries are subject to the Chromium license.. The text of this license can be found in the "Help" subdirectory of the SOFTWARE.

Use of Scintilla libraries
The SOFTWARE uses Scintilla libraries. These libraries are subject to the "Lexilla, Scintilla, and SciTE" license.
The HFSQL Control Center and WDScript tools included with the SOFTWARE are also subject to the "Lexilla, Scintilla, and SciTE" license.
The text of this license can be found in the "Help" subdirectory of the SOFTWARE.

PC SOFT and WINDEV are trademarks of PC SOFT Company. Any disputes which may arise are to be settled within the jurisdiction of the courts where PC SOFT has its head office.
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Last update: 03/29/2024

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