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PC SOFT's Assistance Directe ® service
Your application may be strategic and you may want to have a priority access to the Technical Support. The "Assistance Directe ®" service, available on subscription, was created in this purpose.
This service differs from the free Technical Support, with a dedicated phone number and that guarantees a contact within a working day.
A PC SOFT engineer will be your assigned to your account and he will be your privileged contact.
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Why choose the Assistance Directe service
You want to have a "personal" contact when developing your applications or site with the PC SOFT (WINDEV, WEBDEV, WINDEV Mobile)?
You want to talk to the same engineer when you call us?
You want to be called back if necessary?
The "Assistance Directe®" service is what you need!
Phone consulting This PC SOFT service can be defined like a "phone consulting".
You buy "time credits" and you use them when required, ons the subjects you are interested in.
A single interlocutor When you call, you will be in contact with your interlocutor.
If this one cannot be reached (meeting, ...), he will call you back.
The PC SOFT interlocutor being the same person, he perfectly knows your development, your field therefore you will waste no time presentation your problem.
A perfect complement to the free Technical Support This service does NOT replace the Technical Support that remains free.
The "Assistance Directe®" service allows you to customize the relationships with the technicians and engineers of PC SOFT, it give you the ability to talk about different and more complex topics than the ones covered by the Technical Support.
Examples of tasks that can be performed
  • Help for defining the structure of a data file
  • Correction of source code
  • Detailed presentation of a feature
  • Audit of application, analysis
  • Test of module
  • Feasibility of a development
  • Checking a configuration
You have the ability to send us a copy of your application
Your interlocutor can keep a copy of your application and data files in order to perfectly know your developments, to run the test of a specific modification, to check a process speed, to optimize the configurations, etc.
The confidentiality of your programs and data is guaranteed.
"Assistance Directe®" allows the developers to optimize their workload and to benefit from the experience of PC SOFT.
"Assistance Directe®" is an efficient service!
Let's compare the different services proposed by the "Technical Support" and by the "Assistance Directe ®" service:
Technical SupportAssistance Directe
Answer to a precise and isolated problemYesYes
Answer to the question regarding a WINDEV commandYesYes
Storing the history of the callsYesYes
Checking a WINDEV configurationYesYes
Checking a code containing less than 30 lines (by email)YesYes
Checking a code in a source of any sizeNoYes
Searching for bugs in a programNoYes
Answer to the questions regarding the Windows APIsNoYes
Development trackingNoYes
Audit of analysis and programsNoYes
General tips for writing routinesYesYes
Same interlocutor at each callNoYes
Transfer of file, DLL, ... with your interlocutorNoYes
Access guaranteed within 8 working hoursNoYes
Phone recall upon requestNoYes
Ability to store your application (for parallel test)NoYes
Please contact our Sales Department for more details regarding the "Assistance Directe ®", service:
Phone: + 33 (0)4 67 03 20 32
Internet site:
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Last update: 05/26/2022

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