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  • Before you call
  • When you call
  • Scope of the Free Technical Support
Before you call
Before you call us, take the necessary first steps to investigate the problem: restart Windows, run the debugger, read the documentation corresponding to the error messages
Before you call:
  • Write down your serial number. This is your mandatory "password"!
  • Write down your questions so you don't forget any.
  • Break down the issue in smaller parts that cannot be broken down anymore. Each part corresponds to an incident. Each question must correspond to a single incident (see "Describing a problem to the Free Technical Support").
  • Find out the characteristics of your hardware and write them down (operating system, Windows version, specific programs: mainframe connection, I/O card, ...).
When you call
  • Be in front of your computer.
  • The documentations of the product are available.
  • Be ready to write down notes.
Scope of the Free Technical Support
The free Technical Support cannot cover every single scenario. Specifically, the Free Technical Support does not cover the following areas:
  • write processes,
  • answer questions about your external programming language other than WLanguage,
  • debug a program,
  • answer questions not related to WINDEV, WEBDEV or WINDEV Mobile (API functions of Windows, DDE syntax specific to a software, ...),
  • validate algorithms or analyses.
These types of request can be addressed by the Assistance Directe service, available by subscription. Don't hesitate to contact our Sales Department for additional information.
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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