• Consulting the available information
  • Knowing your problem
  • List the solutions tried
Describing a problem to the Free Technical Support
Consulting the available information
  • The documentation of the different products,
  • The online help,
  • Wizards and help available through the guide (use keyword search),
  • The examples,
  • The Internet site of PC SOFT, that presents the most common problems.
The conditions in which a problem occurs are crucial in order to find the proper solution. These few occurrences criteria are essential.
Knowing your problem
  • Reproducibility - if your problem appears randomly, it is probably not isolated enough and it will be very difficult to provide you with an efficient help.
  • Isolation - it is important to check that the behavior of your code is independent of the context. To do so, we recommend that you try to reproduce it in a new window, even in a new project.
  • Precision - If an error message is displayed, write it down (word for word) or even better, perform a screen shot.
List the solutions tried
Before you get in touch with the Free Technical Support, it is important that you describe to us the solutions that you have tested and that failed. This will help take care of your problem faster and more efficiently!
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