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Stored procedures
The monitoring robot allows you to manage the users related to the different check error reports.
To manage users:
  1. In the menu of the monitor, go to the "Settings" group and select "Manage users".
  2. The window that appears allows you to:
    • Merge two users.
    • Add a user.
    • Edit a user.
    • Delete a user.
Characteristics of a user
The user parameters window is displayed when a user is added or edited.
You can define:
  • alert options:
    These options enable visual or sound alerts if an error occurs. If a sound alert is chosen, you can select a custom sound (".Wav" file) via the "Browse" button.
  • user options:
    These options enable you to define:
    • the WDBal username associated with the user. This username will be used to send reports via the WDBal messaging application.
    • the email address of the user. This address will be used to send reports by email.
  • options for the synthesis report:
    The synthesis report contains:
    • the history of modifications made to the checks.
    • the errors of the different checks.
    This report is recommended for administrators. You can specify:
    • how often the report is sent,
    • the sending mode used (WDBal or email).
  • summary options:
    The summary contains a list of checks with errors. It provides a regular review of the problems encountered. You can specify:
    • what time the summary is sent,
    • the list of checks to be included in the summary.
    • how the summary is sent (WDBal or email).
  • error levels for the user:
    Each user can choose to receive the report or not, depending on the level of the error found in the check. For example, the network manager may not want the debug information.
Minimum version required
  • Version 14
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Last update: 04/18/2023

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