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Automatic Update is an application that allows you to automatically or manually update the different PC SOFT products you own.
You can configure:
  • The start of the application.
  • The update download directory.
  • The bandwidth used.
How to?
To configure Automatic Update:
  1. In the Automatic Update title bar, click Settings.
  2. In the menu that appears, select "Settings".
    Settings menu
  3. The configuration window appears:
    Settings window
Configuration options


The option "Start at Windows startup" allows you to automatically launch Automatic Update when Windows starts. This option ensures that an automatic search is performed at each startup.
Remark: An automatic search for updates is performed every 24 hours.


Two modes are available for downloading updates. You can:
  • Download updates automatically: in this case, you can install the update of desired product directly from "Automatic Update" ("Update" button).
  • Be requested to download: in this case, a message informs you that an update is available and prompts you to download it. You can also download the update for the desired product ("Download" button on the row of the product). A notification is also displayed at the top of the application. If several updates are available, the link "Download all" is displayed.
You can also:
  • specify an update download directory. By default, PC SOFT product updates are downloaded in the following directory: "C:\ProgramData\PC SOFT\AutomaticUpdate\Packages". To change this directory, simply specify another path.
    Remark: When installing an update, the downloaded file is not automatically deleted.
  • indicate a download size limit.
  • specify a time limit for keeping downloads.
  • allow downloading updates at validation level 1. In this case, updates that have completed only the first phase of validation will also be available. For more details on the different validation phases, see Version validation.


You can limit the bandwidth of downloads in the background as well as in the foreground.
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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Last update: 11/22/2022

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