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Stored procedures
Project Monitoring Center: Gantt chart
The Project Monitoring Center is used to follow the tasks of one or more contributors via:
  • the task list ("Tasks" tab),
  • the schedule ("Schedule" tab),
  • the Gantt chart ("Gantt chart" tab).
The Gantt chart allows you to easily organize the tasks of different contributors in the projects.
Gantt chart
How to proceed?

Displaying the Gantt chart

The Gantt chart of tasks can be displayed:
  • Via a "Tasks" tab: in the ribbon, in the "Management" group, click "Gantt chart".
  • Via a new "Gantt chart" tab.
In the Gantt chart, you have the ability to choose:
  • the period displayed,
  • the affected contributors,
  • the management mode of holidays (real or proposed),
  • the affected list of requirements,
  • the granularity of display.

Handling a Gantt chart

In the "Gantt chart" tab, you have the ability to:
  • Modify a task by double-clicking the task.
  • Increase or reduce the duration of a task by using the mouse to handle the extremities of the area representing the task.
  • Modify the position of the tasks and their runtime order.
  • Link a task to an existing task ("Link a prerequisite task" from the popup menu then click on the existing task).
  • Delete the existing tasks ("Delete all the prerequisites" from the popup menu).

Print a Gantt chart

In the "Gantt chart" tab, you have the ability to print the Gantt chart ("Print" in the ribbon of the "Gantt chart" tab).
Minimum version required
  • Version 21
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