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Stored procedures
To manage the lifecycle of project development, the Project Monitoring Center allows you to implement requirements.
A requirement is a need regarding an action that should be performed by a product (or a service).
Let's take the case of a WINDEV application: a requirement will correspond to a new feature (ability to display statistics in the sales application for example). This new feature groups several elements:
  • One or more development tasks, ti include the feature into the application.
  • One or more test tasks to run the feature test.
  • One or more documentation tasks to document the feature.
This feature (or requirement) can also be linked to one or more business rules or to one or more incidents.
Once all the elements linked to the requirement are completed, the requirement is validated. In our example, the feature can be made available to the users via an application update.
Remark: You can indicate which team member is the manager of the requirement. In this case:
  • the manager cannot set a task as "completed" until the tasks of the other members are completed.
  • the manager will be notified each time a team member completes his or her task.
Therefore, the Project Monitoring Center covers the entire development cycle, from the initial idea of the feature to its implementation.
How to?
The following steps must be performed to implement the requirements:
  1. Creating a list of requirements. This list can group the necessary requirements for a new software version.
  2. Creating the requirements.
  3. Assigning the different dependencies to requirements (tasks, business rules, etc.).
  4. Monitoring the requirements.

Starting the tool for managing the requirements

The requirements are managed in the Project Monitoring Center. The tool for managing the requirements can also be started directly. To do so, run the executable of the Project Monitoring Center (CCSuivi.exe) by passing the following command line:
Minimum version required
  • Version 12
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Last update: 10/27/2022

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