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  • Overview
  • Configuring the working days and hours
  • Configuring the working days
  • Configuring the working hours
  • Configuring the holidays and bank holidays
  • Public holidays
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Stored procedures
In order for scheduling and for project management to reflect reality, each project contributor must enter information about his own work schedule.
This configuration takes into account:
  • the working days and the working hours.
  • the holidays.
To configure these parameters in the Project Monitoring Center, expand Menu of Project Monitoring Center and select "Schedules and holidays".
Remark: If help for time management is enabled, the configuration of the working days and working hours is ignored when calculating the time spent on a task. This information is only taken into account when establishing the schedule, for calculating time periods. See Use the schedule and the task management for more details.
Configuring the working days and hours

Configuring the working days

Configuring the schedules
Configuring the working days consists in defining the working days (for each half day).
For each day of the week, you can define whether someone works in the morning and/or in the afternoon.

Configuring the working hours

Configuring the working hours is used to define the working hours for each half day.
Configuring the schedules
  • No specific action must be performed at lunch time: the task must not be stopped
  • When the task is stopped (locked or validated), the configurations given for the working days and for the working hours are automatically taken into account.
Configuring the holidays and bank holidays
Configuring the holidays is used to define the periods of time when no work is done.
Configuring the holidays and bank holidays
This data will be taken into account by the schedule.
Two types of holidays can be viewed:
  • the holidays of the contributor: these are the holidays entered by the contributor.
  • the proposed holidays: these are the holidays suggested by the administrator. Indeed, to manage a project efficiently, the holidays must be scheduled for all the contributors at the same time (or around the same time). The Project Monitoring Center gives the administrator the ability to suggest the holidays for all the contributors.
To add holidays:
  1. Enter the dates and times for the first and last day of the period. You can directly click the different dates in the calendar to enter the requested period. The corresponding number of working days is automatically calculated.
  2. Enter the reason for the holidays.
  3. Click the "Add" button.
To delete a period of holidays, all you have to do is select the period and click the "Delete" button.
Remark: A contributor can only enter his own holidays. The administrators can use a radio button allowing him to select the type of holidays in which the input will be performed.

Public holidays

"Automatically process the public holidays (public holidays must be entered manually if this option is unchecked)" allows you to automatically take into account public holidays in the scheduling. The bank holidays taken into account are the ones defined in the French calendar.
If this option is not checked, the bank holidays must be entered manually (as days off).
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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