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WEBDEV administrator: Installed Webservices
The "Webservices" tab gives information about the dynamic WEBDEV Webservices installed on the computer.
Details of the "Webservices" tab
The "Webservices" tab lists the different WEBDEV webservices installed on the computer and managed by the WEBDEV administrator. For each webservice, the following information is displayed in a table:
  • webservice name,
  • full webservice setup directory on the computer,
  • name of the corresponding "project" file.
  • webservice status (locked or not). You can check the box to directly block access to the Webservice during the update.
  • number of scheduled tasks used by the webservice.
The "Webservices" tab also allows you to:
  • Delete the selected webservice(s) from the table ("Delete" button).
    The webservice is deleted from the administrator: the WEBDEV webservice will still be found on disk.
  • Refresh the display of webservices found in the table ("Refresh" button).
    This refresh operation is used to check the presence of a webservice in the administrator after its setup.
  • Add a webservice into the table ("Add" button).
  • Configure the webservices found on the computer individually.
    The configuration used by default is the one defined in the "Configuration" tab.
    You also have the ability to create a specific configuration for the selected webservice:
    • the "Scheduled tasks" button is used to manage the scheduled tasks associated with the selected webservice. This setting is available for the webservices deployed on the server.
      The window that appears allows you to:
      • See the scheduled tasks associated with the Webservice. the following elements are specified for each task: its name, the associated procedure, the scheduling, whether the task is enabled or not.
      • Run a scheduled task immediately.
      • Modify a scheduled task (modify its scheduling for example).
      • Delete a scheduled task. In this case, the scheduled task is deleted until the next deployment of the Webservice or until the next reboot of WEBDEV application server.
    • the "Parameters" button is used to specify the parameters of the webservice. The "General" option indicates that the parameter corresponds to the value selected in the "Configuration" tab, the "Specific" option is used to customize the parameter. You can customize:
      • the duration of AWWS contexts,
      • the maximum task duration,
      • the security options.
        These server security options are defined in the "Advanced" tab of the WEBDEV administrator ("Various" section).
      • the generation of a specific log file.
      • the recipients of error reports for this Webservice. This option is available only if the generation of error reports was enabled in the "Log" tab of administrator. For more details, see WEBDEV administrator: Viewing the logs.
      • the URL of the SaaS webservice to use. This parameter corresponds to:
        • the name of the host of the SaaS webservice (for example "Computer", "Computer.MyNetwork", "").
        • the full URL of the SaaS webservice (for example, "").
For more details, see the "Configuration" tab.
When validating the setting window of the webservice, the new parameters are immediately taken into account for the selected webservice.
Minimum version required
  • Version 15
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Last update: 05/26/2022

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