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WEBDEV administrator: Viewing the logs
The "Logs" tab is used to:
  • see the details of logs for a specific period.
  • configure the sending of error reports by email.
Caution: To use this feature, the logs must have been enabled for the site. The logs can be enabled:
  • in the "Logs" tab to create a general log,
  • in the "Sites" and "Webservices" tabs ("Parameters" button) to manage a specific log.
The error log is automatically created when the statistics log is enabled.
Details of the "Logs" tab

Managing the log file

The WEBDEV administrator is used to manage a specific log file allowing you to follow the traffic statistics.
  • Generate a log file (.log):
    This option allows you to generate a log file (".LOG" extension) used to see the traffic statistics of WEBDEV sites via WDStatistics. For more details, see the help page on WDStatistics.
    The log file location can be specified.
    This option can be modified for each site in the "Sites" tab.
  • Save in the global file and in the file of each application:
    This option is used to save the statistics in the log files of both the application and the server. Indeed, if the log file is defined both at server level and at application level ("Sites" tab), information may be "lost". The table below presents the different possible cases:
    Application log
    Server log
    "Save in the global file and in the file of each application" option checked
    NoNoAnyNo log
    NoYesAnyBackup in the server log
    YesNoAnyBackup in the application log
    YesYesNoBackup in the application log
    YesYesYesBackup in the server log and in the application log

Error report by email

The WEBDEV Application Server periodically examines the logs and it can email error reports.
To enable the generation of error reports:
  1. Enable the logs if necessary.
  2. In the "Logs" tab of WEBDEV administrator, click the "Error report by email" button.
  3. In the error reports window, check "Enable error reports".
    You can:
    • Configure the recipients of general report. The general report affects all the WEBDEV applications installed on the Web server. This configuration is performed in the window for managing error reports.
    • Configure the recipients of error report for each site or Webservice ("Sites" or "Webservices" tab, "Parameters" button).
To configure the recipients:
  1. Click "+".
  2. Specify:
    • the recipient address.
    • the email frequency: daily, weekly, monthly.
    • the send conditions:
      • only if an error occurred (option checked),
      • systematically (option unchecked).
  • The error reports are created every day at midnight and when starting the server. They are sent according to the requested frequency.
  • The configuration of SMTP parameters required to send the error reports is performed in the window for managing error reports.
  • If the error reports are not received, check the specified SMTP parameters. If sending via SMTP fails, the information is specified in the logs of the system used.

Viewing the logs

To see the details of the logs:
  1. Select the time period to analyze.
  2. Select the type of log to analyze.
  3. Click the "Refresh" button.
  4. Only the elements for which errors occurred during the selected period are displayed.
Minimum version required
  • Version 20
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Last update: 09/07/2023

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