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Type and version of Web server
The configuration diagnostic displays the following error: "HTTP server: Version"
This error indicates that a problem was detected regarding the Web server.
This error is displayed in the following cases:
  • The connection is refused.
    • No Web server is installed locally or the Web server is not started.
      Solution: Install, configure and start a Web server on the local computer. This allows you to check the sites created with WEBDEV locally.
    • The Web server is not listening on port 80.
      Solution: By default, the Web servers are listening on port 80. WEBDEV tries to connect onto port because there is no specific configuration.
      If the Web server is not listening on this port, the port must be added into the "Advanced" tab of WEBDEV administrator, "Host Name/IP" option: you must add, after the host name/IP, the ":" character following by the port.
      The most common alternative ports of Web servers are 81 and 8080.
      For example, with the default host name "localhost", if the Web server is listening on port 81, the value becomes "localhost:81".
  • The connection is accepted but the response is invalid. This operating mode can correspond to one of the following cases:
    • A thrid-party program monopolizes (or locks) this port. The port was not available, the Web server is not accessible.
    • The Web server accepted the connection but it did not respond (or it did not respond fast enough).
  • The detected Web server is not the one specified in the WEBDEV administrator ("Advanced" tab, "Server" button).
    Solution: In most cases, an inversion between IIS and Apache explains the error (when both servers are used to run the tests for example).
Reminder: First diagnostic
The first diagnostic consists in starting a browser and in connecting to http://localhost/ (localhost can be replaced by the proper host/IP with a port if necessary).
  • IIS displays a page with a simple image containing IIS.
  • Apache displays "It works!".
Minimum version required
  • Version 15
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Last update: 05/26/2022

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