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WEBDEV administrator: Setups
The "Setups" tab allows you to configure the different administration features of the WEBDEV server.
Details of the "Setups" tab
The "Setups" tab allows you to:
  • Configure the server for the site setups and updates.
  • Manage the log file of setups.


These options are available in deployment version. These options enable the host to allow and configure remote setups and updates.
The different options are as follows:
  • The option "Lock server (for update)" simplifies site updates by preventing new users from connecting to the server. Each time users try to connect to one of the sites on the server, they receive a message indicating the site is temporarily unavailable, and prompting them to try again later. The Web users who are already connected can continue to use the current WEBDEV site.
    Remark: During an update by FTP, the updated WEBDEV site is automatically locked.
  • The option "Allow connection parameters to be updated" enables the server administrator to allow the customization of connection parameters when installing a site via FTP. If this option is checked, the connection options defined by the site creator will be taken into account. If this option is unchecked, only the connection options defined in this tab by the server administrator will be taken into account. The custom options will be ignored.
  • The option "Allow remote site setup" enables the server administrator to authorize the setup of dynamic WEBDEV sites on the server via FTP.
  • With the "Allow remote site update" option, the server administrator can authorize updates of sites installed on the server by FTP.
  • The "Allow installing sites with same name for different users" option enables the administrator to authorize the deployment of multiple sites with the same name on different WEBDEV accounts on the same hosting server. This option is very useful for shared hosting.
  • With the "Allow displaying the http[s]:/// page to list installed applications" option, the administrator can authorize the use of the "http[s]://<server>/" syntax to list the sites on the server. In this case, the "http[s]://<server>/" syntax shows a page with a link to each site installed on the server.

Log file of setups

The log of setups is used to trace the installed elements of a site. This log is very useful before you contact Technical Support if errors occurred during the deployment.
To use the log of setups, simply specify the full path of the corresponding file ("WDInstall_log.txt" file by default).
Minimum version required
  • Version 12
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Last update: 05/05/2023

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