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Stored procedures
WDTestSite: Load test
The stress tests are used to check:
  • the number of Web users who can be simultaneously connected to a WEBDEV site.
  • the management of concurrent accesses to a WEBDEV site.
Running a stress test
To run a stress test from a computer:
  1. Configure the WEBDEV administrator of the computer where the scenario will be run (Web server).
    Check the parameters of the site corresponding to the scenario:
    • the maximum number of connections to the site:
      this number must correspond to the maximum number of simultaneous connections (or successive connections without closing the site).
    • the maximum number of times a user can reconnect to the site:
      For a scenario run several times from a computer, this number must correspond to the number of scenario executions.
    • the idle time before disconnecting the inactive users:
      Wen checking the server capacity, the idle time before disconnecting the inactive users must be quite long (more than 30 minutes for example).
  2. Start WDTestSite on the test computer (development computer for example).
  3. Select the Web server where the scenario must be run. This server must be accessible from your computer and the WEBDEV administrator (development version or deployment version) must be run on this computer.
    In the "Target Computer" list, you can enter:
    • the name of a computer accessible via network. Example: "Test server"
    • an IP address. Example: 123.3.456.12
    • an Internet address. Example: www.webdev.eu
      The "Neighborhood" button is used to list the computers directly accessible via network (not available in Windows 98 or Me).
  4. Select your scenario from the list of available scenarios.
  5. Click the "Load" button.
  6. Specify the number of users (which means Web users) simulated from the computer.
    A test "Robot" will be created on the current computer for each user.
    Caution: the number of simulated users must be chosen according to the resources of the computer used to run the test. Each robot consumes memory resources on the computer (RAM).
  7. Indicate the time-out (in hundredths of a second). This time-out corresponds to the time between each scenario action.
  8. Create the different users ("Create the robots" button).
  9. Run the test ("Start the robots" button). The selected tests are run.
  10. To end the tests or to run a new test with more simulated users, click the "Kill the robots" button.
  • When running the scenario, all the actions performed in the site are displayed. If a problem occurs (error, ...), the scenario stops.
  • If an error occurs, the HTML file containing the error is saved in the "C:\TEMP" directory of the computer.
  • To check the capacity of the server during simultaneous connections, we recommend that you run stress tests from different computers. See Installing WDTestSite on different computers for more details.
Minimum version required
  • Version 10
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