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Vocabulary specific to WEBDEV
This page presents the main terms specific to WEBDEV used in the WEBDEV documentation.

Server administrator

Person responsible for installing software, sites, ... on one or more servers at the host.
For a shared server, the server administrator is responsible for distributing the connections per site manager, in charge of the physical location of sites on the server, ...

Remote WEBDEV Deployment Administrator

Site installed on the Web server, allowing:
  • the site manager to remotely check and/or modify the configuration of their WEBDEV sites installed on a server.
  • the server administrator to remotely check and/or modify the configuration of all WEBDEV sites installed on the server. The server administrator can also manage the WEBDEV accounts.

Local WEBDEV Deployment Administrator

Windows application installed on the server, allowing the server administrator to configure the different WEBDEV sites installed on the current server.
The Local WEBDEV Deployment Administrator can also be used to create the WEBDEV accounts.

Site developer

Person who creates and modifies WEBDEV sites with WEBDEV Development version.

Hosting company

Company proposing to host Internet sites on their Web servers.

Web user

User of Internet sites.

Site manager

Person responsible for deploying and maintaining one or more WEBDEV sites. This person is in direct contact with the server administrator.
Minimum version required
  • Version 14
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