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  • Interface
  • Managing the registry keys
  • Connecting/Disconnecting to/from the Pocket PC
  • Handling the registry key
  • Managing the favorites
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Stored procedures
Using WDRegistry for Pocket PC
The interface of WDRegistry is as follows:
WDRegistry is used to:
  • Handle a registry key.
  • Handle the favorites.
Managing the registry keys
To display a registry key, all you have to do is expand the corresponding tree structure.
Caution: The operations can be quite long because the information is directly read in the registry of the connected Pocket PC.
Remark: Press the ESC key to interrupt the browse of a key. The F5 key is used to continue the loading of the key.

Connecting/Disconnecting to/from the Pocket PC

Whenever information is read in the Pocket PC registry, WDRegistry stores this information. If an important quantity of information was stored, you have the ability to disconnect the reading of information on the Pocket PC ("Edit .. Disconnect"). The information already read can be directly handled.
When reconnecting the Pocket PC to the PC, the stored information is reinitialized.

Handling the registry key

The registry key can be handled by the different options of the corresponding popup menu.
You can for example:
  • Create a key or a value.
  • Export a key.
  • Copy the full key name into the clipboard.
Special case: Smartphone registry: In a Smartphone, some registry keys are protected and they cannot be accessed by WDRegistry.
Managing the favorites
The favorites are handled via the "Favorites" option. You can:
  • Create a new favorite.
  • Delete a favorite.
The favorites are displayed in the "Favorites" menu.
The selected favorite is immediately displayed.
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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