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ReplicSynchro: Use
ReplicSynchro and ReplicAdmin
ReplicSynchro and ReplicAdmin are used to synchronize the application data:
  • ReplicSynchro can only be used to perform the synchronization. This tool must be used to perform a simple synchronization of data.
  • ReplicAdmin is used to configure the synchronizations and to perform the synchronization. It is the replication manager.

Starting ReplicSynchro

ReplicSynchro can be run via "Start .. PC SOFT tools ..ReplicSynchro".

Using ReplicSynchro

ReplicSynchro lists the different replications available on the current computer, with the date of the last synchronization.
The icon is used to start the selected replication.
The icon is used to start the replication administrator.

Use condition

ReplicSynchro can be redistributed.
WINDEVWEBDEV - Server code The following files are required to install ReplicSynchro and ReplicAdmin:
  • ReplicSynchro.EXE
  • wd280com.dll
  • wd280action.dll
  • wd280rpl.dll
  • wd280hf.dll
  • wd280mat.dll
  • wd280obj.dll
  • wd280pnt.dll
  • wd280std.dll
  • wd280sql.dll
  • wd280vm.dll
  • wd280xml.dll
  • WDOutil.WDK
  • ReplicSynchro.pdf
  • ReplicSynchroUS.pdf
  • ReplicAdmin.exe
  • ReplicAdmin.pdf
  • ReplicAdminUS.pdf
Minimum version required
  • Version 12
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Last update: 01/02/2023

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