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Stored procedures
A replication includes one or more data files. RepliEdit allows you to edit the description of a data file taken into account by the replication.
To edit the description of a data file:
  1. Select the data file in the list displayed in the replication editor.
  2. Double-click its name or select "Properties" in the context menu.
The different options

"General" tab

The "General" tab presents the following information:
  • File name,
  • Access mode to the master file,
  • Replication direction,
  • Management of conflicts.
This information was entered when adding the file into the replication and it can be modified at any time.

"Filter" tab

The "Filter" tab is used to filter the data to replicate.
Let's take a simple example: A salesman wants to retrieve the customer database locally. Instead of updating the entire database, he only takes the customers living in the USA.
To create a filter on a data file:
  1. In the "Filter" tab, select "Selection".
  2. The list of items found in the data file is displayed.
  3. Select the line corresponding to the item to filter.
  4. In the "Condition" column, select the condition that must be applied to the item.
  5. In the "Value or parameter" column, specify:
    • The requested value ("USA" for example).
    • A parameter ("City" for example). This parameter will be initialized with the requested value during the synchronization
Remark: You also have the ability to enter a manual filter directly.
  • Filter the replicated data. Indeed, by limiting the number of replicated records, the replication will be faster.
  • Give an explicit name to the parameters.
    • These parameters can be used in ReplicInitialize.
    • These parameters will be viewed by the end users who will start the replication via ReplicSynchro.

"Items" tab

The "Items" tab is used to configure the items to replicate. All the items are replicated by default.
This tab can also be used to specify the date item that will be used for the replication.
Minimum version required
  • Version 12
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