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  • Adding data files into a replication
  • Adding the base file
  • Adding a linked file
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Stored procedures
When the replication is described, the data files must be added into the replication. This operation is performed via a wizard.
Adding data files into a replication

Adding the base file

  1. Select "Replication .. Add a data file". The wizard for adding a file starts.
  2. The list of data files described in the current analysis or found on the server is displayed.
    You have the ability to select one or more data files to synchronize. All the records are replicated by default.
  3. For the selected data files, you can define:
    • the replication direction for the data files:
    • the management mode of modification conflicts.

      You can choose:
      • the default mode defined beforehand (recommended).
      • another mode.
  4. The wizard is finished. The replication is described. The replication editor lists the data files taken into account in the replication.
The files displayed in gray are linked data files: a linked data file is a data file that is linked to a base file (that already belongs to the replication). Depending on the replication performed, the data found in the linked file will be added or not.
You can save the replication ("File .. Save"). The replication is saved in the format of a ".Wer" file.
This file contains the description of the replication. It must be found beside the executable on the subscriber computers.

Adding a linked file

To add a linked file:
  1. Double click on the linked data file (shown in gray) in ReplicEdit. The wizard for adding a linked data file starts.
  2. By default, the data of the linked file is the data corresponding to the base file. Therefore, if the base file is filtered, the records found in the linked file use the same filter.
    Remark: To implement a filter on the base file, display the file description.
  3. Specify whether an additional filtering must be performed. If you add a filtering, specify the necessary characteristics.
  4. Then, specify the replication direction for the linked file as well as the management mode of conflicts.
  5. Validate the wizard. The linked file now appears as file to replicate.
Minimum version required
  • Version 12
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