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Stored procedures
WDTrans: Delete the records in transaction
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Transforms all the records "in transaction" into "normal" records if these records do not belong to a transaction currently in progress. If a record found in the specified data file is considered as being in transaction but does not belong to a transaction in progress, it is automatically freed.
Caution: This feature is an advanced feature. This feature must be used when it is not possible to cancel the unsuccessful transactions (deleted transaction files for example).
How to?

Delete the records in transaction

To free the records in transaction:
  1. Start WDTrans.
  2. Select "Free the records in transaction".
  3. Select the directory containing the data file currently in transaction. The list of data files found in the directory is displayed.
    Caution: No transaction file must be found in this directory.
    Remark: If data files are located in sub-directories, check "When adding a directory, include the files found in all sub-directories".
  4. If some data files are password protected, specify the password. Indeed, this password is required to free the records in transaction.
  5. Click the "Free all the records in transaction" button. The records are freed.

Freeing the records in transaction via a command line

To free the records in transaction via a command line:
WDTrans /Fic = <Directory>
/Mdp = <Password>
/Option = <Type of action performed>
/Log = <Log file>
/ExploresousRep = <Yes/No>
The table below presents the different elements that can be found on the command line:
/Fic = <Directory>Directory containing the files where the records must be freed
/Mdp = <Password>Password for the files. This password is used for all the files.
/Option = <Type of action to perform>Option of WDTrans to run. To free the records in transaction, this option corresponds to 7.
/Log = <Log File>Full path of the log file (.log) to create.
/ExploresousRep = <Yes/No>Yes to explore the sub-directories of the directory specified in "/Fic" (No by default).
Remark: To specify a different password for each file, we recommend that you use the WLanguage functions for transaction management.
Example: Free the records in transaction found in the "WD Transaction" directory:
WDTRANS.EXE /Fic="C:\Temp\WD Transaction" /option=7
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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