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  • Restoring the HFSQL data files saved beforehand
  • Command Line mode
  • The following syntax is used to restore the files:
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Stored procedures
WDLog is used to restore the data files saved by WDLog.
The data files can be restored:
  • In interactive mode (WDLog is started).
  • In "Command line" mode. The "Command line" mode allows you to include the management of file backups in your applications. In this case, no specific operation must be performed by the user.
    Caution: This type of restore operation should be used only if none of the saved files is logged.
Interactive mode

Restoring the HFSQL data files saved beforehand

To restore the HFSQL data files saved beforehand:
  1. Start WDLog.
  2. Select "Backups .. Restore the data" (or click the green arrow).
  3. Select the directory containing the files saved beforehand. Use the "Browse" button if necessary. Validate.
  4. The name of the backup and the list of data files found in the backup are displayed. Select the data files that must be restored (option checked = file to restore).
  5. Select if necessary:
    • The restore directory. By default, the restore directory is identical to the directory containing the initial files. you have the ability to restore the files in another directory (to perform a comparison for example). The tree structure of the backup is restored.
      To do so:
      - check "Modify the restore directory of the data",
      - specify the restore directory ("Browse" directory).
    • "Do not restore the logs and update the data files from the current logs". This option is checked by default if log files are found in the backup: the log files (XXXJNL.FIC files) are not restored and they are automatically applied to the restored files.
  6. Validate. The restore operation is automatically performed.
Remark: If data files with the same name are already found in the restore directory, the existing data files are automatically renamed.
Command Line mode

The following syntax is used to restore the files:

WDLog /REST=<BackupDir> /REP_REST=<RestoreDir> /SANSREINDEXE=<True or False>
The table below presents the different elements that can be found on the command line:
/REST=<BackupDir>Path containing the files saved
/REP_REST=<RestoreDir>Path where the restore operation must be performed
/SANSREINDEXE=<True or False>The restored files will not be re-indexed if this option is set to True

Example: The following command line is used to restore the files found in the "D:\Backup" directory.
ExeRun("WDLog /REST=D:\Backup")
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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Last update: 09/04/2023

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